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Create recurring events

Question asked by MBCC on Dec 30, 2009
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Create recurring events


My database is organized by renters contact information, their unique ID.  Each renter may rent our event facility more than one time.  I want to set it up so that for each unique renter, I can enter one rental, all its detail, then, as it happens, the next one.  Make sense?

For example,

Boys and Girls Club is the main database record.  A second tab is for Rental Information.  Within that Rental Information tab, I'd be able to click "New Rental" and enter all the info.  Then when they rent again, I go to the Boys and Girls Club record and click "New Rental".

When I was in fundraising, we had a way of doing this for one donor's donations over time.  But I never saw the back end.  What would this be called in FM terms so that I can search the help better or see an example of what the design of this would be??