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    Create recurring events



      Create recurring events


      My database is organized by renters contact information, their unique ID.  Each renter may rent our event facility more than one time.  I want to set it up so that for each unique renter, I can enter one rental, all its detail, then, as it happens, the next one.  Make sense?

      For example,

      Boys and Girls Club is the main database record.  A second tab is for Rental Information.  Within that Rental Information tab, I'd be able to click "New Rental" and enter all the info.  Then when they rent again, I go to the Boys and Girls Club record and click "New Rental".

      When I was in fundraising, we had a way of doing this for one donor's donations over time.  But I never saw the back end.  What would this be called in FM terms so that I can search the help better or see an example of what the design of this would be??


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          The tables that I would set up would be Facility (if you have more than one--or Rooms in the one Facility that you have), Clients and a table that joins the two: Rentals. Rentals would have all the details particular to that rental, including the foreign keys for Facility and Client.


          One option for a New Rental that is essentially the same as a previous rental (except the date, perhaps), is to duplicate an existing rental record, then change the values.


          Another option is to have the data that is necessary for a rental in the Client record. For example, contact info, preferences. Then when you add the Client ID to a Rental record, using a relationship back to Client you'll see their preferences/info.


          However, you may wish to preserve the Client's prefs/info in a rental record historically. So, you want to capture their data at the moment of the creation of the Rental record. If so, then create fields in Rental for the Client info that you wish to preserve, and use the lookup entry option to copy the values from Client into the Rental record. 

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            This is something I have been thinking about for sometime.  I think there would be a RENTERS table, a FACILITY table, and an EVENT table, which is mostly a join between the two with added specifics for that event.  You could dupe the record from the EVENT table, changing the date so that if the ROTARY met every Tuesday you could have them out there.

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              Here's another layer to consider: if I create a RENTER, FACILITY, EVENT tables (joining RENTER with EVENT), I also need to integrate a pricing schematic that would generate a contract or link to QuickBooks to create an invoice for services, deposits, etc.  Where do I create fields that have dollar value?  Which table?

              I'm thinking in FACILITY because the facility generates the charges, not the other two tables.

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                   I might have default fees in Facility, but the actual charged fee is part of the Event record. Either push that record to QB, or create an Invoice table with InvLI in FM, and push those to QB.
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                  I would put the pricing and that sort of data in the joined record.  If catered meals are a part of the event, I would have that in a separate table.  The current pricing would be in the facility table for the rooms and if catering is offered pricing for that would be in that table. 


                  The join record, for the particular event, would have the date, the room, and would incorporate the price.  While your facility price for a room might $250, if some one is booking for a multiple events you might charge $225.  You could override the field.  If there is A/V or a catered menu you would note that as part of this booking record.  Which at the time of the event would convert to a final invoice.  


                  I know there is a plug-in for QB.  However, I used a layout to have a final invoice in FMP that could be presented.