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    create reminders with alarms



      create reminders with alarms


      Good morning everyone!

      I proceed in my creation! I thank you for your advice earlier, were very helpful.

      I now wish I could add to the list of things to do, a deadline.
      I wish I could have a panel that I collect all things due today!
      I have deadlines of various types and in different files, I wish I were apparent at the time it expires. and perhaps in a single panel.

      Since I do not know where to start, I ask. There is no system for doing this?

      to mean a panel list.

      ciao ciao 

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          Since your list is drawn from multiple files, you would have to either import data from these disparate files into a single table in order to produce your unified list, our you'll have to put a portal for each table (file) on your layout to list the items in separate groups.

          Finds, filters and sort orders can help control what you see and in what order.

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            ok. Thanks, though! I wish I could attach to each individual records, a memo showing that at the end. or to sound at the end.

            I go back all the good a single table to avoid all the portals, but I would like to create a reminder that I remember the event to date.


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              Surely you can attach a related table for notes? A

              nd your sorts and finds can place items flagged with the most recent deadlines at the head of the list.

              Scripts can be set to run each time a file is opened that check for items with past due or "coming soon" dead lines and put up warnings to that effect.