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Create Report Script by year

Question asked by dg3321 on Jan 17, 2014
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Create Report Script by year


     I have a portal that tracks expenses for various projects per year.  At the top of the page, i have buttons (for each project) which then take you to an itemized report of the expenses.  Essentially those buttons are scripted to find all expenses under 'Project A', and sort the expenses based on the year.  There is 1 record for each year.

     Now that we're in a new year, i created a new record and have started listing the expenses, however when i click the project buttons to create the report, its still showing the 2013 expenses b/c the 'find' in the script says to show only the 2013 expenses.  I have a "Year" field in each record.

     How to I write the script to make the button create a report based on the year of that exact record?