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Create report that eliminates empty fields

Question asked by RobynKimpton_1 on Mar 12, 2015
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Create report that eliminates empty fields


I want to create a report that eliminates all empty fields, then slides up.  I'm familiar with sliding; I've done it tons of times, but not eliminating empty fields.  This is entirely within one record; it does not report on data from more than one record.  I thought about doing an If, then, else statement with an embedded is empty, but I don't know what to put for the true.  The false, in this case, would be whatever is in the field.  Each field is from the Chart of Accounts.  Because different companies have differences in their Chart of Accounts (some things are consistent like Advertising, for example.  Everyone does advertising.  Other items are unique to the business type.  This is the reason I want to exclude empty fields from the report.  I then want to perform calculations on the fields that are not empty.  Thank you!