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Create simple leaderboard

Question asked by RyanVicente on Aug 4, 2012
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Create simple leaderboard



I need help in creating a small leaderboard. 10 teams of 2 players each. I'll record each player's run and the database will then compute the totals for the team and present it in a list.

I already managed to create 2 tables, one is something like a "raw data" table with the player names and their teams and the other as a "data entry" table with fields for the "Player" and their "Runs". This (second) table grows with every record created for each Player.

To sum up the runs by teams, I created 2 additional fields for each team; one to look for their specific runs in the "Runs" field and the other to add them together (Summary field). (Creating multiple fields can be a drag, any suggestions about this can be helpful as well)

The problem is, I don't know how to make third table with only the "Teams" and their "TotalRun". There's the other issue of ranking them of course, but I'll settle for sorting this third table by the TotalRuns and just adding static texts on the side or if it will work, a Record Number Symbol. 

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.