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    Create simple leaderboard



      Create simple leaderboard



      I need help in creating a small leaderboard. 10 teams of 2 players each. I'll record each player's run and the database will then compute the totals for the team and present it in a list.

      I already managed to create 2 tables, one is something like a "raw data" table with the player names and their teams and the other as a "data entry" table with fields for the "Player" and their "Runs". This (second) table grows with every record created for each Player.

      To sum up the runs by teams, I created 2 additional fields for each team; one to look for their specific runs in the "Runs" field and the other to add them together (Summary field). (Creating multiple fields can be a drag, any suggestions about this can be helpful as well)

      The problem is, I don't know how to make third table with only the "Teams" and their "TotalRun". There's the other issue of ranking them of course, but I'll settle for sorting this third table by the TotalRuns and just adding static texts on the side or if it will work, a Record Number Symbol. 

      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. 

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          There are multiple way to go about this.

          How do those two players run / perform? Are they doing something together (like a bobsled?) or do they do a seperate performance (like running or swimming?)

          Do you need a "Start" and "Stop" button to record the time yourself? Or do you enter the officially registered time?

          Are there multiple different events? Do you want to record on which event a certain time was achieved?

          Are all the teams always playing?

          You will need a table for teams (or not, you can also just enter a team name if you don't have any specific info on the team.)

          A table for players.

          A table to enter the times.

          This could be a portal on a players table. But then you need to move from player to player to enter their time. (You might do this using a portal that shows all the players placed somewhere on the side.)

          This could also be an "Event" layout with a portal for "Event details".
          This would contain the times per player and could be sorted to put the players in the correct order based on their time.

          You could enter players directly in the portal or enter them in global fields and then use a button to get them in the portal.

          After you have than you can create a team ranking, a player ranking, etc.

          Look here for an example of a solution for a soccer league:
          Recording Statistical Data?

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            Thanks DaSaint for the response. I had a look at that other thread and I think I'll have more luck in making this leaderboard. Laughing

            The leaderboard is just for running and the players run whenever they want, individually or with their teammates. Weekly they would tell me how long they ran and I'll feed that manually (player by player) on Table 2 that I already made. Table 1 has all the player names and their team number. It's a small list so I decided to do that manually. 

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              In that case I would keep it simple and create two tables (that you already have)

              Players and Times

              You can create a player layout with some player info. On the side you put a portal that displays all players so you can easily click on one to go to his record.

              You add a portal to the Times table where you enter the players times.

              And then you can also add a portal that displays the ranking.

              For the team ranking you could create a list view with sub summary field sorted by team number (or name) that sorts the fastes team on top.

              How does this sound?

              B.t.w. Are you using Filemaker 11 or 12?

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                That sounds good! I'll give it a shot. Thanks again. I'm using FileMaker Pro 12. 

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                  If you get stuck somewhere let us know!

                  For the Portal with all the players you need to create a second table occurrence of the Player table and create an x-join relationship on the ID field.

                  The times field needs a PlayerIdFk number field and a relationship between:


                  With the option "Allow creation of records via this relationship" selected on the Times side of the relationship.