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Create Simple View

Question asked by Striker3070 on Jan 8, 2014
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Create Simple View


     New to Filemaker Pro 13 so if there is a basic form please feel free to direct me.  Most of my questions are pretty basic.  

     I have a members table that has a unique ID.  I track activities they attend in an activities table.  The member id is the joining field. I want to create a view/form that shows all the members name and information from the members table, and a subform that has all the activities that member has attended from the activities table, all on one form.

     How can I create a selection from the members TB that includes both the members ID and full name?  Id usually means nothing without a name.

     Then how do I automatically fill in the new subform with both the members info, and activites info? 

     I'm not looking for step-by-step, part of learning is trying to figure out these things, but can't seem to figure out how to create a subform that combines the info.