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    Create Smaller Pop-up Window Over Maxed Window



      Create Smaller Pop-up Window Over Maxed Window


           I have a layout with many columns, and created a script that opens that layout, does a Find on a field's condition, sorts and goes to the first record so I am at the top of the sorted records.  I am trying to have a smaller pop-up window appear over the master window with a layout of just a few selected columns.

           So in my original script, I also added additional steps to create a new smaller window specifying the window's name and dimensions, with the same search criteria,navigating to the smaller layout, sorting and going to the first record.

           Problem is, I cannot get the larger original window to remain in place.  When I run the script, the full-sized window correctly displays the records for browsing, then the pop-up window with the correct dimensions appears, but the original maximized window is also reduced to the same dimensions as the pop-up and is tucked behind the pop-up window.

           I'm stuck.  Here's the script:

           Go to Layout ["Browser-HS Default Condensed" (HSVIDEO)]

           Perform Find [Restore]

           Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

           Go to Record/Request/Page [First]

           New Window [Name: "View Small Window";Height:740; Width: 700; Top: 35; Left:450]

           Go to Layout ["View List Small Window" (HSVIDEO)]

           Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


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          New Window problem

          •                posted February 28, 2012 by PhilModJunk

                              I predict that you are using this on a windows platform, not a Mac as Mac's do not have this annoying issue. I further predict that your windows were maximized when you ran this script. With maximized windows, opening a new window automatically resizes the original window to a previously used set of window dimensions which can minimize and/or move your window to the point were it is no longer visible.

                              If I am right, you have two options:

                              1) Don't maximize your windows. I don't like this approach myself as I don't like the window inside a window mess you get, but your windows will open and close without the original window changing size or location on you.

                              2) Add a move resize window step to your script after the new window command that resizes the original window back to a size you want. I use get functions to resize the original window out as close to the original maximized size as I can. This results in a "twitch" to the original window I'd prefer to do without, but it keeps it visible and minimizes the size/position change of the original window. Note that after closing this new window, you need to run a script that returns your windows to their maximized state. I use a custom menu for this so that clicking the close window control in the corner of the window, using the keyboard short cut or selecting the option from the file menu run a script that closes the window and then maximizes the remaining windows. Any buttons that close this window also perform this same script.