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Create Smaller Pop-up Window Over Maxed Window

Question asked by hsutton47 on Sep 19, 2012
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Create Smaller Pop-up Window Over Maxed Window


     I have a layout with many columns, and created a script that opens that layout, does a Find on a field's condition, sorts and goes to the first record so I am at the top of the sorted records.  I am trying to have a smaller pop-up window appear over the master window with a layout of just a few selected columns.

     So in my original script, I also added additional steps to create a new smaller window specifying the window's name and dimensions, with the same search criteria,navigating to the smaller layout, sorting and going to the first record.

     Problem is, I cannot get the larger original window to remain in place.  When I run the script, the full-sized window correctly displays the records for browsing, then the pop-up window with the correct dimensions appears, but the original maximized window is also reduced to the same dimensions as the pop-up and is tucked behind the pop-up window.

     I'm stuck.  Here's the script:

     Go to Layout ["Browser-HS Default Condensed" (HSVIDEO)]

     Perform Find [Restore]

     Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

     Go to Record/Request/Page [First]

     New Window [Name: "View Small Window";Height:740; Width: 700; Top: 35; Left:450]

     Go to Layout ["View List Small Window" (HSVIDEO)]

     Go to Record/Request/Page [First]