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Create some sort of Dyanmic Table

Question asked by pecina08 on May 20, 2010
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Create some sort of Dyanmic Table


I am working on FileMaker 10.1 Advanced that is hosted on FM Server 10.  I have one database that has 7 tables as of right now.  I have a table called BillingBatches that has an alphanumberic string inside the field Batch#.  Theses Batches will have mulitple BillingPackets related via the Batch#.  I have a view that is in a list that shows certain Batches that are considred "Active".  when I click on a button it takes me to another view that displays those BillingPackets that match that Batch#.  I wanted to create the ability to move between Batches in the second view that displays the Billing Packets.  I was thinking of Looping through my found set on the Billing Batch view and save the Batch# in a table and have that as a reference so I can navigate through the other view.  But is there a way to make such a dynamic table where I can store these Batch# in the order that was found in the found set? 


We are in the midst of the begging of this project when I do the find I am finding 45 records but once we fully rollout with this project the foundset can grow in the hundreds.  There is no way to store all those batches in an variable array and then parse them as I need them.  I need a table so I can now where I am at so I can easily jump to the next batch or move back a batch.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!