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    Create some sort of Dyanmic Table



      Create some sort of Dyanmic Table


      I am working on FileMaker 10.1 Advanced that is hosted on FM Server 10.  I have one database that has 7 tables as of right now.  I have a table called BillingBatches that has an alphanumberic string inside the field Batch#.  Theses Batches will have mulitple BillingPackets related via the Batch#.  I have a view that is in a list that shows certain Batches that are considred "Active".  when I click on a button it takes me to another view that displays those BillingPackets that match that Batch#.  I wanted to create the ability to move between Batches in the second view that displays the Billing Packets.  I was thinking of Looping through my found set on the Billing Batch view and save the Batch# in a table and have that as a reference so I can navigate through the other view.  But is there a way to make such a dynamic table where I can store these Batch# in the order that was found in the found set? 


      We are in the midst of the begging of this project when I do the find I am finding 45 records but once we fully rollout with this project the foundset can grow in the hundreds.  There is no way to store all those batches in an variable array and then parse them as I need them.  I need a table so I can now where I am at so I can easily jump to the next batch or move back a batch.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!



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          I guess another option could be a portal in the BillingBatches table with a window to the Billing Packets... that is one option I totally missed out...

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            The issue with using a portal is we have a search function on that Billing Packets view that does like a "Hyper Search".  You know Search as you type...  So if put a portal as the view can you do these types of searches in the portal?

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              Well after talking to some management we decided not to go this route.  But if anyone does have idea on how to create something like this I would still like to hear it...

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                It's a bit hard to picture what you are describing.


                I think you have two tables involved: BillingBatches and BillingPackets with a one to many relationship based on Batch#. 


                That would give you a relationship that looks like BillingBatches:: Batch# = BillingPackets:: Batch#. 


                I think you are wanting to step through the different groups of BillingPackets records following the order of BillingBatches records in your current found set.

                If so, this is easy to do. You can use a scripted find or Go To Related Record for this.


                Here's the scripted find approach to move to the Next batch. Simple changes to this script will allow you to move to the previous batch.


                Freeze Window

                Go To Layout [BillingBatches]

                Go To record [next]

                Set Variable [$Batch ; Value BillingBatches::Batch#]

                Go to Layout [BilingPackets]

                Enter Find Mode[]

                Set Field [BillingPackets::Batch# ; $Batch]

                Set Error Capture [on]

                Perform Find[]

                Sort [Restore ; No Dialog ]


                Change line two to Go To Record [Previous] and you have a script for pulling up the previous batch. If you reach the end of the list of batches, this script flashes the screen and keeps the same list up. You can modify this script to detect this situation and pop up a custom dialog if you wish.

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                  thanks for the reply.  You understood me all the way!  I will give it a try and let you know if it works.  There will not be any problems because I am moving from the Billing Batches Table to the Billing Packets table?

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                    Every layout is linked to a table occurrence box on your relationship graph. That's controlled by the table occurrence selected in the "Show Records from" box in Layout Setup...


                    Every table occurrence has it's own found set and current record. Switching from layout to layout will not change these. Performing sorts and finds on another layout will not change the records shown on other layouts unless that layout refers to the same table occurrence.


                    Sometimes I define an extra table occurrence to the same table just so I can juggle two different found sets for the same table, freezing the window and switching back and forth between the layouts, all hidden from the user.