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create table hardware pc product... help!

Question asked by faustinoaustacchio on Dec 1, 2011
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create table hardware pc product... help!


Hello everyone,

I am new to forum and also new to filemaker need of help.

I am currently using filemaker pro 11 adv on OSX Lion and my problem is as follows:

I have to create a table for hardware pc product and, as you know very wellin addition to fields common to all products such as ID, description, price, etc. .. each category have its peculiarities such as HD have the amount of memory "GBmotherboardshave a socket type, the webcams have resolution "Megapixel" and so on .. I need suggestions on how to set the thing because I do not think it's a good idea to create a huge table and put all this into products ...

Some people of good will gives me some advice??

Thanks in advance for your time.


UPDATE ------------

I thought to create a table containing all fields generic and another with the details but I do not know how to connect the two.

someone help me?