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Create time intervals dynamically.

Question asked by SkipGilleland on May 2, 2014
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Create time intervals dynamically.



     I am building an app for GO that will allow coaches to create practice schedules.

     I would like for them to be able to enter practice times and have something like the wireframe image below created dynamically.  For example, they enter 7-9 as practice times.  I have created drill templates that have a duration time (5-10 minutes) As they choose the first button (row), it will open the templates in a portal to allow the coach to choose the drill.  When the coach chooses the drill, I would like it to be able to reference the duration of the dril and add it to the Button or Row.  For example, practice starts at 7:00 the coach choose a drill with the duration of 6 minutes.  It would populate the first Button (row) with 7:00 ~ 7:06 and then on the next button(row) it would have 7:06 ~ ?.  When the click on that the will be able again to choose another drill...hitting 10 minute duration.  At that time it would change 7:06 ~ ? to 7:06 ~ 7:16....and so on and so forth .

     I am only guessing, but I think that using portals rows for the times would make the most sense??  I am open to any suggestions.  Also, when the time is clicked, I plan on opening a popover that will then have a portal within it that will allow the coach to choose the drill..that will then populate the time and put the descripton of the drill with the time.