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Create True/False result from items marked in checkbox field

Question asked by AFrancis on May 6, 2015
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Create True/False result from items marked in checkbox field


I'm somewhere around a 'novice' user, still rely a lot on looking up answers, but this one has me stumped. It seems like it should be so simple. 

I've set up a checkbox field to mark members with certain characteristics, and created calculated results in separate fields that are simply True or False if a box is checked. But I can't get "True" or "False" to populate the separate fields. 

Here's a generic example: My checkbox field is 'QualitiesField', my value list includes quality A, quality B, quality C... through F. Any combination of qualities could be checked for any individual. If A, B, or C are checked, I'd like corresponding Quality A, B, and C fields to show "True" (this is required to work with a website system I export the lists to that translates the information back into Quality A, B, C).

The problem I am having is that I've not found a way to calculate this that will filter out the individual qualities no matter what their order, and then present the T/F result. Using FilterValues I can populate the field with the value if checked, and could create a third field for the T/F calc based on the result field, but I know I should be able to do this calc in one field and don't want the clutter. When I try to get the T/F using an if statement, I get a false no matter what values are checked, so I am guessing that my filter result (Quality A) is not matching my text string "Quality A". I don't know how to single out one of the filtered values (because they could be in any order depending on what box is checked first). Here's what I tried:

If (  FilterValues ( QualitiesField ; "Quality A" ) = "Quality A"  ; "True" ; "False" )

I have checked to be sure results are Text, the QualitiesField is a text field, Result fields are calculation fields with text results...

All help appreciated,