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Create two records simultaneously

Question asked by dekade1 on Jan 1, 2009
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Create two records simultaneously


Does anyone know if the following is possible?


I have three tables. The 1st table is a PARTs table. The 2nd table is a CUSTOMERs table. And the third table is a join table called INVENTORY. PARTs is related to INVENTORY via the PARTs ID field. CUSTOMERs is related to INVENTORY via the CUSTOMERs ID field.


I use a script to create a record in INVENTORY from a portal in PARTs. During that script I go to the portal line field 'customer number' and type in a number. The record is then commited.


At the same time that the record in the INVENTORY table was created I want it to create another record. This time in the CUSTOMERs table. The creation of the record will have the customer number as the relational connection.


That is the way I want it to work. I do not want the CUSTOMERs table to already contain a list of customer numbers.


New customers need to come into the CUSTOMERs table via the record being created in the INVENTORY table.


Does anyone think this possible to do and how?