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Create Unique Job Numbers Per Client

Question asked by GrahamKeogh on Dec 18, 2014


Create Unique Job Numbers Per Client


Hi all

I currently have two fields that together create my job number. It's a combination of a 'Client Code' (which is a identifier for an accounts package) and 'Job Number' which then I combine together in a calculation to make the job number that is used throughout my database.

My question is I was wondering is there a way that when I create a new job the number will automatically increase by one, but per client. So if I have an existing job for client called say AAD1034, I want to be able to create the next in line, so AAD1035.

However, if I make a job for another client in between say a job for client BAA1430, it messes up the numbering. Then when I add a new job for the AAD client it will create AAD1431, and not AAD1035 as needed. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks a million as always