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    create year archive



      create year archive


      The goal is make an Archive for orders by year, 

      detail information about records : 

      have a table orders  with a date field  (full date)  and a year field (Year ( datum )) works fine 

      now i want to place all records in the year 2011 to a new (table or file )  not sure what would will be the best 

      on the opening page i have a drop down field  (year)  i want that it only shows data from that year  

      wondering what will give the best results, archive yearly or montly , to another file or in the same database,

        (lets say that the buisniss populate about 500 orders each year)



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          I am new to FM, so I decided to use VTC's training program. In that I think what you could use quite easily is the Table Find Function. You can store the finds and pull just the data of your find. I will say that at $30.00 a month for this training it is well worth it. Try the Find and stored Find for your problem.

          Hope it helps,


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            What is the purpose for putting all of the year's orders in a separate table or file?

            What issues does that solve for you?

            If you separate your data by year, you will be limited to looking at/working with your data to just one year at a time and you also have a more complex database structure.

            We have an "archives" file to which we export data on a regular basis, but it stores data for multiple years. It's a big file, but the multi-year data set allows us to pull up 5 year comparison reports fo the summarized data that we could not produce with separate, single year copies of our data.

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              Thx Jim , will have a look in to it. 



              Best Phil , 

              1. for the fiscal i need to safe invoices by year , 


              So phill as try to understand , 

              I best create a new table " orders Archive " - link the id -

              and let with a buttom or script to transfer orders that could go to the archive  in the new table.



              maybe it would be smart for me to export all invoices created  in the year 2011  

              in a sepperated file just for back up , 





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                I still don't see why this is needed:

                i need to safe invoices by year

                You can always open the archive file and perform finds to pull up sets of records in a specific date range such as all records dated with a 2011 date, but the simplest method to do what you want is to just use Save a Copy as.. to save a copy of your database. If desirable, you can then open the copy and delete all records not dated with a date in the year 2011.

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                  True , topic closed.

                  Feeling kinda stupid lol.