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Create, Edit and Saving New Records

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 3, 2013
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Create, Edit and Saving New Records


     Good Afternoon all, 

     All rise for a noob :-) 

     I'm creating a database from scratch at the moment - started well but whilse speaking to the people (well person) who'll be using it the most, I need to enable her with an option to find records and save a new one from an existing record... if this makes sence. Affecting using a pre-existing records as a template and by making a change to a key date, this act then saves a new record in the database. 

     my immediate thought was using multiple templates that have different properties but it got me thinking that there must be a simpler way. 

     I'm adding a database to allow a user to enter and track serial numbers of our product in. our financial system does not have this capability and we want to be able to better store the history of of our machines.

     So this databse will have the primary field of serial number. 

     What we want to be able to do is:- 

     1. search to see of a S/N in already in the database. (If not, then user will simply create new entry)

     2. if search brings back 1 or more results, the new enttry will either be a repair or upgrade so we want to capture the new data but use the existing to fill in the blanks. Therefore cutting down on data entry. 

     I want the user to be able to change the status of the invocie type field and in the process, duplicate the majority of the information of the record to create a new one.

     I have 3 radio buttons called Invocie Type which are either, SALE / REPAIR or UPGRADE.

     What I would also like in the event of multiple repairs, IF the date field attached to the Invoice Type gets changed by the user, this act will also create a new record using the existing record as a template and then the user can make any additional changes in the confidence that it's the new record. 

     Does anyone know what options or combination of options would best make somthing like this happen?