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    Create, update and save new search list...?



      Create, update and save new search list...?


      Hi all!


      My first post. Go easy on me :)


      We're a production company and face a new set of criteria for every new job we get. For this we usually create search lists in excel that contain the criteria for a job. For instance somebody is looking for locations for a photoshoot and want to know whether they'd able to blow up an ice-cream van at the location. So we make a list of all locations that are visually exciting and have a column for the pyro specific information. On one job we may need to know which location allows nudity, on the next job we may need to know which allows late night shooting.


      We're hoping to move this search process into FM. In the simplest way possible we would have to be able to customize a list view layout to the newest needs. Is there an easy way to similar but new layouts for every new job without creating a new field for every new criteria (some are one off things that we may never need again)? We would also need to be able to archive these searchlists so a year later we can open up to check whether that location allowed stunts or whatever.


      All suggestions are greatly appreciated.





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          Blowing up stuff, ice cream vans, and nudity.  Transformers 3?  JK, sounds fun.  You'll probably get other opinions, but the first suggestion I can think of is a table of locations, and table with criteria.  Create a dynamic value list based on the Criteria_table, use it for the checkbox set on a 'criteria' field in the location_table.  Then you'll be able to go back and modify/search for locations based on the criteria.


          Next step would be to create a table for Jobs, with it's own 'criteria' field, link it to the locations_table, and place a portal on the Jobs layout from the locations_table.  Then, whatever criteria you select will show you the list of locations available.

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            Sounds like a plan. I'll give it a go. But how would I be to update the actual layout? Keep in mind that we may have several jobs going at the same time and I don't think it would be smart to duplicate and then modify layouts for every new job and criteria set.


            Thanks so much for your input. 

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                 One layout for jobs, one record per job, and the 'criteria' field in the job table will link to the 'criteria' field in the locations table.