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Creating 'search-layout' with check box fields

Question asked by GertvanOss on Aug 10, 2011
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Creating 'search-layout' with check box fields




I'm working 

on a database (Contacts) where each contact can have several 'Tags'. The relationships I use are in the attached image.

In order to make it possible to select contacts with both: 'Tag A' and 'Tag B' I use a calculation field "List ( table::Tags )". For each contact, Tags are listed as text. This field is searched as suggested by PhilModJunk in

This all works fine. I'd like to take it to the next step whereby I create a 'search-layout'. This layout should have all Tags as check-boxes. I would then be able to use this screen to start my queries whereby I use scripts that will target the List ( table::Tags ) (AND by using new find requests vs OR by putting all tags in the List ( table::Tags ) at once ).

What would be the most efficient way to create the checkboxes.
I'm puzzled in getting the Tag-values all listed in a layout that has nothing to do with the other tables.