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    Creating 'search-layout' with check box fields



      Creating 'search-layout' with check box fields




      I'm working 

      on a database (Contacts) where each contact can have several 'Tags'. The relationships I use are in the attached image.

      In order to make it possible to select contacts with both: 'Tag A' and 'Tag B' I use a calculation field "List ( table::Tags )". For each contact, Tags are listed as text. This field is searched as suggested by PhilModJunk in http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/9dc347efed

      This all works fine. I'd like to take it to the next step whereby I create a 'search-layout'. This layout should have all Tags as check-boxes. I would then be able to use this screen to start my queries whereby I use scripts that will target the List ( table::Tags ) (AND by using new find requests vs OR by putting all tags in the List ( table::Tags ) at once ).

      What would be the most efficient way to create the checkboxes.
      I'm puzzled in getting the Tag-values all listed in a layout that has nothing to do with the other tables.



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          You can do this on a layout to Tags with a list view layout or with a layout based on Contacts with a portal to AllTags.

          Is this file now or possibly in the future to be a file that is shared over a network so that multiple users might do this at the same time?

          For a system that is always a single user system, you can add a selection field in tags that you can use for this. For a multi-user system or one that might someday become a multi-user system, you can set up a global field and use selection scripts to add/remove items from the list of ID's in the global field to produce your check box action, but without one user's selections interferring with those made by another...