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    creating a "Back" button



      creating a "Back" button


      I don't know if this is possible, but my boss wants a button that will take him "back" to the previous layout, similar to a web browser. I have a vague idea that a log would give me the data to support this, but is there an easier way?



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          Hi Tammi,


          When a user switches layouts are they doing through a script or by going to the layout menu and selecting another layout from the list?


          If they are switching layouts through a script, you can set a variable to capture the last layout as the user leaves the layout, then create a button with a script to return to the previous layout.


          You can use either Get (Layout Name) or Get (Layout Number)


          Set Variable [ $lastLayout; Get (LayoutName) ]

          Go to Layout [ "Other Layout" ]

          [ perform script, process, etc. ]

          Go to Layout [ $lastLayout ] 

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            Just be careful.  While you can give the ability to go "back" to a layout, you probably won't be able to get them back to the exact record they were looking at when they were on that layout - or even the found set they had displaying when they were looking at that layout.


            Depending on your solution, that may or may not be a problem for you.



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                 I highly recommend you take a look at BackMagic from SeedCode. It's completely free and unlocked.

              You don't have to understand exactly how it works, you just copy a few custom functions, some fields, layout objects, and a single script. Just follow the step by step instructions and you'll have the whole thing done in an hour or two.
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                   Thank you for all the suggestsions. I'll experiment and let you know what works.