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    Creating a "complaint" database... need help



      Creating a "complaint" database... need help


      Hi All:


      I would like to create a complaint database for my manufacturing line.


      My idea is that employees would be able to walk up to a computer terminal and input manufacturing problems.

      The complex part is that I would like it to be very easy to use... for example the welcome screen might read, "Having Part Problems?" with a YES and NO button... if the employee clicks yes, it takes them to a new screen with more questions, pictues, interactions to help the employee acturatley document what the probelm is...



      any help would be appreciated... I'm new to filemaker, never used it, took a beginner class.


      Have a great Holiday!

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          We know Filemaker but we don't know your manufacturing processes nor your QA procedures. Given such a generalized description of the problem, it's pretty much impossible for us to provide much in the way of help.


          You could sit down with pencil and paper and map out exactly what you want this database to do and exactly what information you want your employees to quickly and efficiently enter into the data base. Then you might break you project down in to sections and post specific questions on each section so folks can help you with that specific question. Posting an example that spells out exactly what you want to see happen will also help.


          Another option would be to hire a consultant to create the database for you.