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Creating a "grouped" pair of repeating fields within a record?

Question asked by ravisub on Sep 4, 2009
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Creating a "grouped" pair of repeating fields within a record?


Is there a way to create a repeating field which has a pair of entries per field? For example, could I make a combined field which has 2 fields within it, say "Name" and "Note" (each a text field). I then want to be able to create more of these pairs, within the same record. If necessary it could be a fixed number of them, though if possible I'd like to have a button that lets people add as many pairs as they need.


I can set up a fixed number of repetitions for each field, separately, e.g. Name[3] and Note[3] and I could also line them up in the layout. But if there's a way to add them dynamically (but within the same record) on demand, then the pairing is important. So for example the user could add one of these, and get a pair of Name &  Note fields and enter something in each. Then if they could create another pair within the same record and add another name & note. The reason is that in some records it could be 2 names & notes, in others it could be 3, etc.


Thanks in advance for any pointers!