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Creating a "Report Builder"

Question asked by Atkins on Nov 14, 2012
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Creating a "Report Builder"



     I'm curious about the possibility of creating a "Report Builder" tool in FileMaker.  I have a number of pre-built reports that show "Description", "Make", "Model", "Serial Number", "Location", "Status", etc...  I have been asked if it's possible to create a report builder that would allow the user to select which fields to include in the report.

     The logic behind it makes sense to me.  I could have a temporary "pop-up" page with all the possible fields and a checkbox next to each one.  If a field gets checked then its value is set to 1, if not it remains at 0.  Then you run a bunch of conditional statements to define your report.  The only way I can think of doing the report builder visually though is if you can hide or display items conditionally.  I know you can re-format and change the color of items, but I haven't found a way to actually hide or display them.

     If you could point me in the right direction or let me know up front that this is impossible I would be very appreciative.  Thanks!