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Creating a 90 Day Planner Any Ideas?

Question asked by AndrewRobinson on Apr 4, 2011
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Creating a 90 Day Planner Any Ideas?


I have a file with time bookings and a file with peoples names in it. The 2 files are related so I can see for any person what bookings they have coming up. I need to create a large planner which shows the next 3 months along the top and the peoples names down the side. Each Entry shows a code relating to what the booking is. I have managed to create it currently using a script that has to build it by looking up day by day and filling in a repetition field with 90 repetitions. The problem with this is, its not live, and it takes 20 minutes to build it. I need to try and find a solution that is either live or much quicker to create.

I have attached an example of what it looks like.