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    Creating a 90 Day Planner Any Ideas?



      Creating a 90 Day Planner Any Ideas?


      I have a file with time bookings and a file with peoples names in it. The 2 files are related so I can see for any person what bookings they have coming up. I need to create a large planner which shows the next 3 months along the top and the peoples names down the side. Each Entry shows a code relating to what the booking is. I have managed to create it currently using a script that has to build it by looking up day by day and filling in a repetition field with 90 repetitions. The problem with this is, its not live, and it takes 20 minutes to build it. I need to try and find a solution that is either live or much quicker to create.

      I have attached an example of what it looks like.


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          What you have is called a "cross tab" report.

          90 columns of data is a lot of work to set up in FileMaker. It can be done, but you are looking at 90 one row, filtered portals (in Filemaker 11) to set up. With older versions of FileMaker this gets even messier as you'd need 90 relationships, one for each column of data.

          This would be live, at least and not require a script to copy data into repeating fields.