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Creating a blank/empty find/search layout for IWP

Question asked by VenturaDon on Jan 3, 2012
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Creating a blank/empty find/search layout for IWP


I'm trying to build a script that takes a user to a find layout (with limited fields); when the user gets to the layout, I want the fields to be empty without a record showing in the fields, and without all the fields being "active/highlighted" as in normal find mode. The fields have a light gray border so the user knows they can click in the field to search.

There is no toolbar status available to the users so there is a "Perform Find" button that will continue the script after pause mode in the Enter Find Mode [Pause] step.

When "Perform Find" is selected, the user will be taken to a separate layout where all the fields are displayed in browse mode.

Getting to the search layout and getting to the final layout is fine, but I'm having trouble creating an "empty" layout in find mode ...

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all!