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Creating a change log

Question asked by fmdark on Jul 13, 2010
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Creating a change log


Using Filemaker Pro 11

I want to include a change log for each entry but I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

Currently I have a 5 cell table and a script that is triggered when a change is made to the form and if the difference in timestamp is greater than 5 seconds (low to debug).  The "update" runs twice to update the timestamp and current user.
If the difference in timestamp is greater than 5 seconds, it will rearrange the array

It works, but the logged changes done beyond the 5 steps would be discarded.

Would it be possible to create something similar with a portal and a database with the following fields?
CID (main key), User (current logged in user), Timestamp, and Changes (field names that were altered)

I imagine the resulting changelog database will end up quite a few entries, so a limit of say 50 and automatic discarding of the oldest date would be an optional but desired feature.

I am open to suggestions.  Thank you!