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    Creating a Chart



      Creating a Chart


           Morning all, 

           I've got a tabe that's got multiple daily entries for recording the KM's done in a company car. 

           The table hedings are:

           Date   Jounrey Type   Odometer    Driver    Event     Total Km's

           Date is a select calender filed

           Journey type has choices such as COMMUTE, WORK, PERSONAL

           Odometer is number entry

           Driver (self explanitary) 

           Event is a brief text box for the journey purpose

           Total Km's is a calculaded filed that uses the next ODO entry to calculate the total km's for that record (I don't know how to set this to auto-complete... it requires the user to click into the filed so it'll populate... this is another query) 


           What I want to be able to do is set a pie chart to calculate the total KM's travelled per journey type so the calculation needs to find all entried within a journey type, sem them all together and then display them as a pie with the totals as a percentrage. 


           Can anyone help me arrange this? 


           Many Thanks 

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               You'll need to add a summary field that computes the total of your Total KM field. Then sort your records by Journey Type to group them. In your data source options (the details look a bit different for FileMaker 12 when compared to version 11), specify "found set" and "Summarized data when sorted".

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                 Thank you very much Phil, 

                 It was very close to this on FMP12 - I did have to swap axis using the bar chart to get it using the calcultions correct but that sorted it all out! 

                 Thanks very much Phil