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    Creating a Chart for Project Duration



      Creating a Chart for Project Duration


      I am hoping to create a chart that displays the remaining duration (in months) of current projects. Ideally, months on the x-axis and project names on the y-axis. My current formulas aren't working properly (listed below). I want only the duration from the current date forward and only for current projects.

      Duration (x-axis)

      Contract End Date - Get(Current Date) / (60*60*24*30) > 0 

      Projects (y-axis)

      Case (Contract End Date - Get(Current Date) / (60*60*24*30) >0 ; Project Name)


      These formulas are yielding a chart that has 1/1/0001 listed repeatedly along the x-axis and all project names that have a contract end date regardless of whether the contract has expired. 

      I'm stuck please help. 

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          Your calculations return the value 1 (or True since these have been set up as boolean expressions.)

          If you want an approximate value in months for remaining time, use:

          ( Contract end date - Get ( CurrentDate ) / 30

          using the > operator  for the Y series (X axis if this is a horizontal bar chart, but chart set up will still call this the Y series) makes no sense nor does dividing the current date by 2592000 make any sense here in either calculation.

          If this is a calculation field, it should also be defined as an unstored calculaiton or it will not update as time passes.

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            After changing the formula, my chart has duration dates in the 1940s and 1950s and still shows projects whose contracts have expried. 

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              a "duration date" makes no sense here. This should be a number field showing the number of months remaining.

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                Okay, so I've created a new field labeled Duration. Made it a calculation field with the unstored formula: Contract End date - Get (Current Date) / 30. That seems to have taken care of my 1940s and 1950s and is giving me back a number. I changed the x-axis minimum to 0 which took care of the negative month numbers. The only thing I still need help figuring out is how to make the project names of the projects that have finished from appearing on the chart. It appears that any project that finished last year is still showing on the chart. Current formula is: Case( Contract End Date - Get (CurrentDate) / 30 > 0). I've tried removing the "> 0", but if I do that then all projects show. Also, the horizontal bars aren't even spaced is there a setting for that I'm missing?