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Creating a Chart for Project Duration

Question asked by AnnetteRoman_1 on Jun 4, 2015
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Creating a Chart for Project Duration


I am hoping to create a chart that displays the remaining duration (in months) of current projects. Ideally, months on the x-axis and project names on the y-axis. My current formulas aren't working properly (listed below). I want only the duration from the current date forward and only for current projects.

Duration (x-axis)

Contract End Date - Get(Current Date) / (60*60*24*30) > 0 

Projects (y-axis)

Case (Contract End Date - Get(Current Date) / (60*60*24*30) >0 ; Project Name)


These formulas are yielding a chart that has 1/1/0001 listed repeatedly along the x-axis and all project names that have a contract end date regardless of whether the contract has expired. 

I'm stuck please help.