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    Creating a chart from a count



      Creating a chart from a count


      I have a database that keeps track of incoming orders.  What I want to create is a line chart with the x axis a week date and y axis is the number of orders submitted that week.

      I already have a table view with field Weekdate ( DateIn - DayofWeek) for each order and summary field EachWeekCount as a count of WeekDate.  This table works great.  It shows the week of 5/26/2012 had 18 orders and 6/2/2012 had 22. 

      From there, I drew in a chart, made the x axis Weekdate and the y axis EachWeekCount.  Now the chart shows not 18 and 22 but a straight line across the chart at 1161- the running count of all the orders submitted.  What am I doing wrong?

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          The look is a bit different depending on whether you have Filemaker 10/11 or Filemaker 12, but there are settings for charting data from the "current found set", "show data points for groups of data when sorted".

          And make sure that you sort your records by the WeekDate field to get your groups of data.