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Creating a chart from a count

Question asked by DuaneJuell on Jun 13, 2012
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Creating a chart from a count


I have a database that keeps track of incoming orders.  What I want to create is a line chart with the x axis a week date and y axis is the number of orders submitted that week.

I already have a table view with field Weekdate ( DateIn - DayofWeek) for each order and summary field EachWeekCount as a count of WeekDate.  This table works great.  It shows the week of 5/26/2012 had 18 orders and 6/2/2012 had 22. 

From there, I drew in a chart, made the x axis Weekdate and the y axis EachWeekCount.  Now the chart shows not 18 and 22 but a straight line across the chart at 1161- the running count of all the orders submitted.  What am I doing wrong?