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Creating a check in/out feature

Question asked by KrisCirillo on Jun 10, 2013
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Creating a check in/out feature


     I think this might be fairly easy but I am getting confused on how to set this up. 

     I am using FMP as an inventory database which includes all of our assets as well as users. 

     One of my layouts allow for me to assign a user a device. Basically in the layout I have a dropdown menu that links to another database of all my users, so I can select the user and then refer to that to see who the item is check out to.

     I would like to be able to select the user from the dropdown menue (which I can already do) and then click a button next to the list that will create a new entry with the user, serial number and the date I clicked check in. Additionally, I want to have a second button that is check out. Which would do the same except not create a new entry but instead add to the previously created entry a check out date. Then I would like to have a portal or something created so that I can go and look at an assignment history for that product and see on each line, the user, checkin date and check out date. 

     Hopefully that all made sence.  Any help would be appreciated to get me started.