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Creating a Checkout Database

Question asked by JohnAnslow on Apr 25, 2013
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Creating a Checkout Database


     I'm working on putting together an inventory system for our equipment room at the office and I've had a couple snags in my design.

     I've created a Master Inventory database that holds all the necessary data on the equipment, from this database I have a "Checkout" layout that consists of a "Barcode" field which is related to the item barcode found in the inventory list. A script is set up to create a new field once a barcode is scanned to form a list of gear being checked out. Attached to the layout is a button to create a printable report of the checked out items as well as a button to clear the fields to begin a new check out list.

     I'm trying to implement a script to change a status field on the Master Inventory database from "In" to "Out". The problem I'm having with it is that whenever I clear the Checkout layout of it's data it checks all the items back in. I believe this is entirely a relational error or an error in the way I wrote my script. Any ideas how to fix this?