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    Creating a cusomized e-mail



      Creating a cusomized e-mail


      How do I create a cusomized e-mail to multiple people?  I have figured out how to sort the records, and get the e-mails i want.  I am unable to get the body of the e-mail to say what i want.

      For example I would like to send a form leter with the salutaion cusomized.

      Dear *first name*,

      It was nice meeting you......


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          Do you know how to set up a calculation?

          That's how you would do this to customize the email. With the send mail dialog open, click the arrow to the right of the Body text box and select the by calculation option. You can then construct a message that combines data from your current record with the text you want to use in this specific email to to get a message such as:


          "Dear " & YourTable::FirstNamefield & "," & ¶ & "It was nice meeting you..." & ¶ & "Sincerely,"

          And so forth. The ¶ is the symbol to use for a carriage return where you need to start a new line.

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            I have tried to use calculations but I must be doing something wrong.  I would really appreciate it if you could give me specific directions.  This is my first time using the program and the most important function to me.  I didn't find the instructions in Help useful.


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              Well, this was a pretty specific example that I posted. I matched it to exactly your original example. The only thing I didn't have, was the name of your tables and fields where this data would be found so you would substitute your tableName::FieldName in place of "YourTable::FirstNameField".

              Where exactly does this fail for you?

              Can you construct the calculation in the Send Mail Dialog?

              Do you get the wrong information showing up in your email?


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                I'm almost there..  I sent the following as a test. "Dear " & Contact Management::Name_First& "," & ¶ & "It was nice meeting you..." & ¶ & "Sincerely,"

                It went to multiple e-mails, however, it was addressed to only the fist contact.  So everyone recieved

                Dear "Jen" instead of their name.

                Thanks again for your help!

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                  There are two ways to use multiple addresses from a single send mail step.

                  Which option did you use:

                  Single "one email, using current data from current record" (and a list of addresses in the TO, CC or BCC boxes).

                  or "multiple emails, one for each record in the found set"?

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                    I tried both.  When I did Multiple emails we it went to everyone (Jen received Jill's and hers).  When I did Single the salutation was addressed to Jen.

                    I would like everyone to receive an email addressed specifically to them without seeing that I sent it to a large list of people.

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                      Simplest is to use the single email option within a looping script:

                      You may need to add more details to your script, but here's the basic outline:

                        Send Mail [//specify options and calculation for sending one email to one person here]
                        Go To Record [Next ; Exit after last ]
                      End Loop

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                        This seems like it should be such a simple process, since Filemaker advertises this as one of its features.   I don't know where to put the loop in.  I have been giving it several tries.  The closest I have come is that it does personalize but everyone can see that it was sent to more than one e-mail address.

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                          The loop would be part of a script you create and run in ScriptManager.