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Creating a custom dialog box for a different table

Question asked by ShawnFitzgerald on Aug 15, 2014
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Creating a custom dialog box for a different table


     Ok I am trying to create a custom dialog box that inputs a new record in a differnt table than the one I am in. I want to do this without leaving the current layout location I am in

     So  this is what I have

     I am in Layout "LAYFireInspection" . Which is showing Table "Fireinspection" 

     I am in a tab within that layout that shows a portal to table "FireInspectionLineitems"

     I need the custom dialog box to create a new record in a Table Called "Defiency" and then be able to input 3 fields into the new record as well as add three varriables into three different fields also in the New Record created in the "Defiency" Table

     While doing this I do not want to loose my spot I am at in the Layout I have created

     I know how to do everything with the custom dialog box its the creating a new record in the "defiency" table without leaving my current location I cant seem to figure out.