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    Creating a custom template



      Creating a custom template


      I want to create two templates using two different databases. I saved a copy of each of the database as type: clone(no records). I renamed my databases to "template1" and "template2". In my original databases, I have two table relationships which I deleted and recreated with the new databases tables. So now, I have an error with relating the tables. My fields, say "<Table Missing>".How can I relate the tables?

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          Do you have a back up copy from before you made this change?

          Instead of deleting and recreating the tables, go to Manage | Database | Relationships and double click each table occurrence box that refers to one of these two tables in turn. Use the controls in the dialog that pops up to connect them to the new tables. Now you can go to the tables tab and delete the actual tables.

          By keeping the same occurrences, your layouts will stay "connected" and you won't get this error.

          If you don't have a backup, you'll need to update "show Records from" in layout setup to connect to the new table occurrences you created.You'll then need to enter layout mode and double click each field in turn to re-select it from the new table occurrences.

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            Thank you, that helped fix my problem. However, now I want to show some of the fields in a separate database. The fields that I want to display in this new database are in different files, template1 and template2. I added the fields using the modify button on the right hand corner. when I added these fields from the other databases, I had no records at the time, now that I have records nothing appears on the new database, how do I update the records so they can appear on the new database?

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              That will be controlled by the relationships between the table occurrences you define in the current file.

              You'll need to describe those before we can suggest what to do to fix it.

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                Well, I guess a better question will be, how do I show specific fields from another database to a new database? what kind of relationship do I need to create?

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                  The relationship depends on what you need to do with this data. It could be any number of different relationships or no relationship at all. Your earlier post indicated that you were combining fields from two table occurrences on the same layout. If this is the case, you need some kind of relationship in Manage | Database | Relationships that links them or you will only be able to display data from the layout's specified table.

                  If all the fields are from the same table, you just need to select an occurrence of that table in the Show Records From drop down located in Layout Setup...

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                    Ok, I was able to display the records of the fields from the two tables that I wanted. 

                    The fields contain part numbers that I want to display. So I did a "=" relationship through the part numbers fields. Some of the part numbers appear on one table and do not appear on the other table, and vice versa. When I go to layout setup, I have the option to "show records from:" (table1 or table2), which is the current table, lets say table1. In order to show the records from the other table, I add fields from the related table, lets say table2. However, not all records appear from the related table on my layout but all records from the current table appear. How can I display all records from table1 and table2 to appear.

                    I want to use the records from both tables to create a calculation field checking if its matches or not. 

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                      I think you need to explain what you are doing in greater detail.

                      If you see data from the related table, there's at least one matching record. If you do not see the data from the related table there are no matching records in the related table. The presence or absence of data in the fields from the related table would appear to show what you want here.