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Creating a customized report in FileMaker Pro 11

Question asked by JenniferSavage on Apr 5, 2012
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Creating a customized report in FileMaker Pro 11


I need to create a printable report which displays 4 separate sections of lengthy information.  I am doing this because my current layout ramifcations do not have the capacity to hold such large information and I need the info to be printable; neatly and succinctly.  Therefore, the information is not already listed in fields somewhere in my database layout.  I am hoping to create a report separate from my layout that can be accessed by clicking on the "Your own Report" button which is under the Report tab in my layout so that it is accessibke from the layout itseld and thus, remains organized.  In other words, I would like this to be information that is separately stored in a report that is accessible by creating a report that is attachable to the "Your own Report" button on my layout.  It is requiring that I create a script and attach it to the button, but I am getting the feeling that I can only do that with information already in fields within layout itself which is poinless for my purposes.  Also, I am unclear on how to create a script.  Does this make sense?  Ideas?  Thanks