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Creating a dashboard with ExecuteSQL

Question asked by deathrobot on Apr 26, 2014
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Creating a dashboard with ExecuteSQL


     Here's a basic question about creating a dashboard with ExecuteSQL. I am grabbing various totals and counts from all the tables of my database and setting the results to global variables. These global variables are presented on a layout from a table called DASHBOARD. I thought SQL was happy grabbing data from anywhere in the database, but in the data viewer I get messages saying I cannot use non global fields from unrelated tables, and indeed, the only way I can get the global variables to correctly update is to visit each appropriate table when doing a sum or count. So…should I set the update script to open a hidden window and visit all the various tables while setting the global variables, or am I better off relating the DASHBOARD table to all the other tables on the relationship graph? OR…am I just doing something wrong?