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    Creating a Data Dictionary in FMP9



      Creating a Data Dictionary in FMP9


      I have been tasked with analyzing approximately 50 FMP databases running on FMP Server 9 (not Advanced).  I have FMP Client 9 on my local computer.  I do not have a lot of experience with FM, but I have experience with SQL and relational databases.

      I am trying to pull the data field names, data types and comments for the databases into a spreadsheet.  I have discovered that I can print the field information, but I don't see an option to export it as a CSV for import into Excel.

      Is there a simple query that I can run against the databases to extract the information I need to compile a data dictionary in Excel?

      Thanks for any help you can give me with this task.

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          You might research 3rd party Filemaker utilities to see what they offer for this.

          You can also use FileMaker Advanced to generate a database design report that includes all field definitions in each file. The report format can be HTML or XML so that may give you a way to import from the report into your spread sheet (but I'd look into using FileMaker instead of Excel for this myself...)