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creating a database entry screen that is user defined

Question asked by medprogram on Feb 1, 2010
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creating a database entry screen that is user defined


I am a new user - I want to create a program that allows me to create a medical chart summary . The easiest would be a screen with a series of check boxes and you use a digital pen to check off the box


for example


past medical history                  inactive


gout                        (X )             (   )


high blood pressure    (   )            (   )


heart attack             (   )            (   ) 


depression                (X)             (X )



THE ABOVE patient has  1 active problem   and 1 inactive


the problem is I want the prompts such as gout and obvously the information collected to be user defined

so each user can have a custom display of what the screen looks like


so if gout is not something you need - you can take it off the list


the two problems are how to display variable information

and how to know what information you have collected if the prompts can change - ie if the user changes the display they also change the value of the information collected


last is this pennable ?? or just mouseable


thanks for your help