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Creating a database for behavior changes in animals

Question asked by Makena05 on Jan 5, 2012
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Creating a database for behavior changes in animals



I'm stuck in the setup of a database that will be used to track behavior changes in animals.  Basically we are trying to convert what used to be tracked with columns and rows by pen and paper, to a filemaker database.  What typically happens is in a 24 hour period, employees will monitor the behavior of (for an example) 30 animals.  Every 30 minutes, they will record what each animal is doing (ex. eating, sleeping, playing, etc).  When this was done on pen and paper, the recorders would have a different sheet of paper for every 30 minutes of tracking.

I want to convert this into a database and I'm stumped on how to set it up.  I was going to have every 30 minutes just be a new record and have the form view as rows and columns.  Another idea that sounded better was to create the database with just a bunch of list views (one for each 30 minute period), but I quickly realized that wouldn't work because as soon as the next 30 minute monitoring session started, it would overwrite the status (records) of each animal from the previous session.

Any good ideas out there on how to setup something like this?

Thanks in advance.