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Creating a database for Print Studio

Question asked by BobBlanton on Mar 21, 2012
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Creating a database for Print Studio


I am pretty new to Filemaker Pro and I have been trying to figure out a good system for our studio to keep track of the sales of our prints and maintain an inventory of the stock etc.

I would like to know if it is possible for me to achieve something like this:

First of all a list of all the artists we are creating editions for. Then an individual list of all editions we printed for each artist. 

We would like to have a 'profile' for each edition that is constant and describe the edition (size, price, number of colors, amount of printer's proof and artist proof etc.) but we would also like to be able to have another list where we can figure out how many prints are actually in the studio and where did they go. Ideally , this list will be connected to the inovice list so that whenever we sent out an invoice to our clients (e.g. 4 Artist Proofs and 2 Limited Edition) it will affect the number of the edition as shown on our database. 

We have to somehow represent each print within an edition individually as supposed to an item within a whole batch because even though they are printed the same way for the same artist, they are individually signed and numbered (e.g. #4/50 in an edition of 50) and we would want out lists to reflect that. They should be connected with other prints within the same ediiton but also accounted for individually. 


I know this is confusing and please let me know if it is possible to do!