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creating a database for survey data

Question asked by KristineGentry on May 23, 2011
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creating a database for survey data


I started creating a database to use to analyze qualitative data gathered from a survey, and I have 4 tables.  I just looked at the sample survey FMP database that I was referred to on here and noticed that the way my responses table is set up is different than the sample.  I have my database set up so that each survey takes up one horizontal line - so if you go across the table from left to right you see all of a single respondent's answers.  But the sample has it set up so each answer is vertical.  So there are fewer columns on the sample but many more rows than mine.  Mine has one row per survey but many columsn.  Does that make sense?

If so, I'm wondering if I need to change mine so that it resembles the sample, and if so, how I would do that?  When I export the data from the survey database it gomes out the way I have it.  I can't figure out how to switch it around without a lot of cutting and pasting.