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Creating a Database from Nothing

Question asked by WilliamChastain on Jun 7, 2013
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Creating a Database from Nothing



     I am new to Filemaker and this is literally my first day using the program. I've been tasked with compiling a list of plays used by various professors for the Theatre Department of a university. So I would need 4 basic fields:

     1) Instructor

     2) Play

     3) Course

     4) Semester

     The database is to go back two years and some of the plays are taught by various professors in different classes. The entire point of this database is so professors can avoid teaching the same plays at the same times or so that they can use them to supplement their colleagues classes. So preferably, I'd like to have the play in the database it have different values (Taught in Theatre 2000 AND Theatre 4300) and by professor (taught by Johnson AND Williams). If this makes any sense I would be greatly appreciative if someone could give me some jumping on points to make this a reality.