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Creating a deadline driven workflow

Question asked by ProductionGuy on Jan 3, 2009
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Creating a deadline driven workflow


I am trying to create a solution for tracking the progress of about 30 editorial workflow steps. (At any given time, I would be tracking about 60-70 different editorial products, each with the 30 workflow steps). Each of these steps have start and end dates, with start dates calculated from one or two previous workflow step end dates (so that as deadline / forecasted completion dates change, then the start dates of subsequent workflow steps are updated).


I preferred that each of these workflow steps be a different record so as to allow various reports and priority lists to various teams, but I found that FM can't handle the calculations fast enough from one related record to the next much past about five or six records (I think this may be happening because the data cannot be stored or indexed due to the relationship?).


So, I decided to put all the workflow steps into a single record. This seems to have helped with the calculation speed, but doesn't meet the need of  distributing reports and priority lists to various individuals/teams (each individual/team being responsible for specific tasks within the workflow). Is it possible for FM to place a field from the related record based on an ID? I suppose this can be done with a calculated field, but that could mean about 60 If/then calculations for each workflow.