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    Creating a Events Log Table



      Creating a Events Log Table


           Hey there i found myself a bit over my head in this one, i have a table that has several related tables that goes something like this

           Table ( Animal)  - Related Table (Feedings)

                                        - Related Table (Weight Measurements)

                                        - Related Table ( Breeding)


           What i want to do is have a portal on the animals layout with a list of all the records added from the related tables, also i would love to be able to click on a portal row in the events log portal and have it bring me to that item, however thats not as important right now as it is to just setup the events log.


           Im pretty sure creating a new table for Events Log is step one, then if im thinking correctly i need to add number fields for each for each of the key fields from the related tables and create my relationship s from the events log table to the related tables by key fields, does this sound right? cuase i think im a bit confused when it comes to relationships lol

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               With three related tables, you'd need three portals, one for each related table.

               a button in the portal row of each portal could then take the user to a form view layout of that related records to display the details for it. This can be a layout change or the same script step, Go To Related Records can pop up up in a new window.

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                 Thanks for the fast reply Phil!

                 I would really like to avoid using seperate portals for many reason but i had a idea, however im worried about trying it out not knowing if this would work so maybe i can run it past you... what if i created a new table called Events Log and then somehow when records are created in the related tables have it create the same record in the new events log table....think that would work? or something like that

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                   I'd log the date and type of event in your event log and then use a relationship to link it to one of your three existing related tables. Then there is no need to enter any data except a match field's ID number into more than one table.