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Creating a Events Log Table

Question asked by JCPython on Jun 3, 2013
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Creating a Events Log Table


     Hey there i found myself a bit over my head in this one, i have a table that has several related tables that goes something like this

     Table ( Animal)  - Related Table (Feedings)

                                  - Related Table (Weight Measurements)

                                  - Related Table ( Breeding)


     What i want to do is have a portal on the animals layout with a list of all the records added from the related tables, also i would love to be able to click on a portal row in the events log portal and have it bring me to that item, however thats not as important right now as it is to just setup the events log.


     Im pretty sure creating a new table for Events Log is step one, then if im thinking correctly i need to add number fields for each for each of the key fields from the related tables and create my relationship s from the events log table to the related tables by key fields, does this sound right? cuase i think im a bit confused when it comes to relationships lol