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    Creating a Find Script



      Creating a Find Script


      I am trying to create navigation buttons. I am trying to have a "find" button that will allow users to find records. How can I have the button script that when the user is done with the entering the find information they can perform the find by just clicking enter on the keyboard or something like that? It will be through webdirect so the task bar will be gone so they won't be able to click  the "perform find"


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          You can put your own perform find button on the layout. Or you can pause the script while in Find Mode. Then pressing enter continues the script.

          But I prefer to set up a system with more assistance for the user when performing finds. My preferred method is to put a set of global fields inside a popover. The user clicks the popover to search for records, the popover opens with a form where the global fields are formatted in ways to assist specifying search criteria and then a button on the popover performs the find by using the data in the global fields to create or more find requests and then performs the find. You can find examples of such scripts found here: Scripted Find Examples