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Creating a flexible, faceted interface

Question asked by CamTrollope on Sep 18, 2012
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Creating a flexible, faceted interface


     Hi everyone,

     I want to know if FileMaker can create a very flexible layout: think liquid tabular data tables, fixed size panels fixed to certain parts of the window, flexible panels fixed to certain parts of the window etc. When user resizes their main window, all the various panes would flex to accomoadate content etc etc.

     It's probably best if I just show you an example - see the attached image of the Spotify interface. If you're familiar with Spotify, you'll know how the interface behaves when you interact with it. While it may not be the best example of UI design, it illustrates my questions nicely.

To summarise, I want to know if FileMaker can recreate the behavior of this sort of interface. More specifically, can FileMaker:

     Show a contextual pop-over as illustrated with the Gomez song? Can this pop-over be given intelligence so that it knows the bounds of the main window?

     Show a fixed panel like at the bottom of the Spotify screen where the player controls are? Can you have content below/behind this panel that would be revealed if you scrolled down? Can this panel be transparent?

     At the very top of the right-hand panel where it says what my friends are listening to there is a thick bar which can be grabbed to show more/less content. (similar to the likes of Apple Mail where you can expand contract the width of the message summary area). Can FileMaker do this?

     Within a tabular data table like the 'top hits' one, can each column be flexible so that if the main window is resized, the %age width of each column would resize? From what I've seen in FileMaker, only one column can be chosen to be flexible which is really really frustrating.

     At this point i'm not concerned so much with wether this 'look and feel' can be recreated so much as wether the above is technically possible - or am I just asking FileMaker to do too much and I'm too used to 'web' technologies!


     Thanks in advance.