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    Creating a Funnel



      Creating a Funnel



           I am trying to create a "funnel" in filemaker.  I have thousands of records and based on certain criteria true of each record I want a new tab that only shows me all the similar records.  

           For example, I have roughly 20,000 records and I want all the records that I've checked "yes" to be shown in a new tab - but only the records that I've checked yes.

           So, Im trying to create a funnel of sorts within filemaker.  Is there a way to do this; if so how can I do this?   

           I've only been developing filemaker databases for a few months so I am somewhat new to this but I do not think it is a many-to-many relationship because I dont need the one record to go to many places I just need a way to narrow down all my records into a new tab so I can then use those records to glean further information.

           Thank you in advance for your help!  

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               This question was posted before and I made a suggestion as a response to it. Why are you posting it again? If you repeat post like this without explanation, you are likely to get the same suggestions. But if you explain why the suggestions don't seem to work for you, people can either explain their suggestion in greater detail or make a new suggestion.

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                 My apologies. 

                 Where I seem to be getting hung up is the many to many relationship.  As stated above...what I am trying to do is use a certain trigger on my contacts table such to funnel a smaller amount of records into a different tab.  

                 As I understood from your previous post a many to mamy relationship is needed with a join table.  The breakdown is happening in that I cannot get my 2nd interview table to JUST show the interviews who I marked as a YES.    

                 In my contacts table (which is my main table) I have a field that says "1st interview completed" and then a dropdown box that says  "yes" or "no".  I want only the "yes" records to be imported to me 2nd interview tab.  

                 Can you help with this?  Again my apologies and thank you for your help.


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                   Please note that it's better to keep using Post A Answer to post follow on questions. That way you build a "thread" of questions and responses and people can review what has gone before before posting.

                   First off, I don't recommend that you create a "2nd Interview" table. I suggest that you have a Join table linking applicants to positions set up with fields where you would record which applicants have been selected for a 2nd interview, etc...

                   There then are many ways to use the data in that table to find all applicants selected for a 2nd interview for a specific job.

                   A portal to the join table with a portal filter that filters out all but those selected for the next round is one option. There are a number of other methods you can use as well.

                   To set up a filtered portal:

                   Put a portal to the Join table on your Position layout. Add fields from Applicants as needed to this portal's row in order to see the names, etc for each applicant.

                   Your portal filter might be:

                   applicant_position::1st interview completed = "yes"

                   This portal can be placed within a tab control.