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Creating a Funnel

Question asked by jwatsoniv on Feb 8, 2013
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Creating a Funnel



     I am trying to create a "funnel" in filemaker.  I have thousands of records and based on certain criteria true of each record I want a new tab that only shows me all the similar records.  

     For example, I have roughly 20,000 records and I want all the records that I've checked "yes" to be shown in a new tab - but only the records that I've checked yes.

     So, Im trying to create a funnel of sorts within filemaker.  Is there a way to do this; if so how can I do this?   

     I've only been developing filemaker databases for a few months so I am somewhat new to this but I do not think it is a many-to-many relationship because I dont need the one record to go to many places I just need a way to narrow down all my records into a new tab so I can then use those records to glean further information.

     Thank you in advance for your help!