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    Creating a funnel within Filemaker Database



      Creating a funnel within Filemaker Database



           I am a recruiting manager that deal with a large amount of resumes, interviews, 2nd interviews etc..  What I am trying to do is create a "funnel within filemaker.  

           I may have hundreds of resumes loaded into filemaker and we offer an interview to numerous people (say around 20 to 30). What I want to do is funnel those 20 or 30 resumes into an even smaller group of people on a different tab.  So lets say out of the 30 interview we conducted I want to bring 10 back for a 2nd interview I want to move their resume information into the 2nd interview tab. 

           How can I do that?  Any help someone could give me on this would be greatly appreciated!

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               If each step in the process updates a record in your database, a find or a relationship can be set up to match to those specific records.

               So if you set a field named "call back" to a value, then a portal on that tab can either match to those records via a relationship or a portal filter can filter out all but related recorsd with those values.

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                 OK I think I am tracking you.  So I have created a new table with the record information i need to pull from the existing resumes.  How do I set the relationship as to where I a set a field name such as "call back" on the original record and it will pull all of that record's information to my new table?  

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                   The Data Model--your tables and relationships, is key to getting this to work. I suspect that you need a minimum of three tables:


                   Applicants::__pkApplicantID = Applicant_Position::_fkApplicantID
                   Positions::__pkPositionID = Applicant_Position::_fkPositionID

                   See the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained for an explanation of my notation.

                   My assumptions here are that a given applicant may apply for more than one position in addition to having more than one applicant for any given position. That makes for a "many to many" relationship requiring the Applicant_Position to serve as a "join" table between applicants and positions.

                   Given that structure, fields defined in Applicant_Position, such as "call back" can be set up to record the status of that one applicant's progress (or lack of it) towards being offered the position for which they applied.

                   Note that a portal to Applicant_Position can be placed on a Position layout with fields--such as their name from the Applicants table included in the portal row. Such a portal would allow you to click a checkbox to select applicants for the next stage in the selection process.

                   For more on working with many to many relationships, see this demo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyir7cs0yxmbn6i/ManyToManywDemoWExtras.fp7