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Creating a great looking - color coated background

Question asked by brucewashington on Mar 9, 2013
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Creating a great looking - color coated background


     This isn't a request for help but just to report something I found and thought I would share. 

     On the borders around fields, I am now putting in fields and sending to back with conditional formatting that will change the colors of the field depending on the variable, as in this case the amount in a number field. 

     I found I had to make sure that the field with the color background cannot have anyway for people to enter the field or it would overshadow the fields within it.  In the behavior section of Inspector I uncheck Browse Mode, Find Mode, Select entire contents and anything else that is checked. 

     One last thing I found. The letters are too close to the edge so I put a second field with no user entry in between the field for data entry and the color formatted one and leave this blank which creates a nice field around the words that is white and empty and the colored background. Just adds emphasis. 

     Works great for decorating applications. 

     I know there are other ways but I just found this one and thought I would pass it on.

     Hope this is useful to someone out there.  You guys have been very helpful to me. :)