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Creating a header record

Question asked by macmesser on Jan 24, 2014
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Creating a header record


     Using FMP 12 advanced. I want to create a "header" record which will contain the field names for every field (they're all text fields), so when I export records as CSV files the export file will always have a nice header. The header record must be locked so that field values can't change, must be protected so after record deletions it will always still  be there, and it must sort as the first record.

     I've thought of using the record id in a field  to sort after manually adding the header record, but that entails adding a field for sorting, which I don't want to do. It works nicely in that all imported records would rank after the header when sorting by the field containing  the record id. Is there any way to sort by record id without adding a field? I've pretty much resigned myself to adding the field, which isn't a big a problem, but would appreciate any other ideas.

     Once I settle on how to do the above, I need to make the record permanent and make the fields unalterable and would appreciate insights for this as well. I've never used FMP in a multi-user mode.


     Thanks for any insights.