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    Creating a History Portal



      Creating a History Portal


       Good Evening. I have been tasked with creating a database for my company's inventory department. This department issues gear and such to our personnel. We picked up filemaker and instead of starting from scratch we are using the Invoice starter solution. Everything is working out great execpt under customers we need something to show every item or product this customer or employee has received. We have created a portal and it shows the invoice_Id, Date the invoice was created and the product given to him. The problem we are havnig is the portal is not showing if the customer received multiple items on the invoice. The portal is only showing the first item they received for the invoice. Keep in mind I am a totally green and new user to file maker and thank you for any help I can get.

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          You need to use a portal to LineItems, not Invoices so that it lists every item issued. (Best guess I can make from what you have described here.)

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             Ok. I did that and it now shows every item! WOOT. Now I need to figure out how to filter those items by invoice_id and the date of the Invoice.

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              In portal setup, there's an option you can choose to set up a portal filter expression. This expression can refer to fields you put on the layout for selecting a date and/or an invoice.

              If you set that up, you'll need this script:

              Commit Records
              Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results]

              performed from script triggers set on these fields to force the portal to apply the new filter values.

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                 I appreciate your help but I know nothing of scripts LOL. I just got the program a week ago and I am still learning. I understand what they do but not to sure about setting them as triggers or creating them. By messing around some more I got the portal to show me the Invoice_Id and the items the person received from that invoice. Just having that is pretty sweet. Now all I need is to have an invoice date beside each invoice number. When creating the portal I added the Ship date to the portal but that field is from a different table than where I got the first two fields. However a date shows up but its always todays date and I cant get it to change.

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                  Putting fields into the portal from a different table occurrence (note that I did not say "table") can work, but you have to respect the relationships that link the occurrences in Manage | Database | Relationships.

                  Since you should have:


                  Then a portal to LineItems on your customer layout should be able to include fields from Inovoices and these should display the correct info. The key detail to look out for is that you have to be specific, selecting first the correct table occurrence name in the drop down at the top of the specify field dialog, then you select the field. If you select a field from Invoices, but specify the wrong occurrence, you'll get either no data or possibly the wrong data appearing in these fields.

                  For more on Table occurrences, see this thread:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?