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Creating a keywords field

Question asked by JessicaCol on Feb 22, 2013
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Creating a keywords field



     I would like to add a keyword field into my database. Ideally, this will be a single field which can contain several different keywords to assist with searches. I would like the user to select the keywords from a set list to ensure consistency.

     While a checkbox field would work, with 50+ keywords to choose from this would take up far too much space on the form. Equally, you can use Ctrl+click on a drop down menu to select multiple options but that is far from ideal.

     I currently have the keywords in their own table, each with a unique ID. We have also tried using a portal on the project table, however every time a keyword is selected it creates a new duplicate entry on the keyword table. If I disable the option to create new entries, the keywords do not show up in the portal at all. I feel like there must be a much simpler/neater way of doing this?

     Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!